BLH Computers

Free Recycle

The City of Springfield and BLH Computers are offering a free electronic drop-off for Springfield residents. This does not include areas such as Jerome, Leland Grove, Southern View, Laketown, and Grand View as they are outside the city limits. As part of this program, all city residents are eligible to drop off televisions and/or CRT(tube) monitors at no cost. These items are limited to 3 per residency per calendar year with residency verification required. We also accept all other non-bathroom/non-appliance electronics and electronic related items without use of this form although address verification may still be necessary. Eligible items can be taken to our Springfield location during regular recycling hours.

Use the below form to verify you’re address, then email yourself or print the ticket and bring it with you to recycle you’re televisions and/or monitors with us. Only use this form if you’re recycling televisions or monitors with us. Do not use it if you are only recycling other non-tv/non-monitor items. We will also have an in-store kiosk provided for you to use at our Springfield store in case you need it. If any questions, please call BLH Computers in Springfield at (217)585-1580

Please enter your address like the following: 123 e main st